Myths of Unlimited in Hosting

Being a tech savvy person in my circle, many a times my friends have asked me:

“I found a ISP-xyz is giving unlimited space. Should I change from the current ISP who charges for each GB of storage allocated to me to this unlimited one?”

It pains to see how many a hosting plans, advertised on various sites tends not to be transparent while they say that a portion of the resource, say storage, is unlimited, but unfortunately for the cause of transparency, they tend to hide behind fine prints of Terms of Services that there would instead be a limit on the number of files, or inodes or bandwidth.

The gullible customers fail to realise that while there is a limit of all physical resources on earth, how can anyone provide unlimited resources.

One definitely feels good that there still are some hosting service providers like portalTimes whose offerings are much more transparent and they do not tend to highlight half truth.

Time customers also became little aware and reasonable with the understanding that none of the vendors in the space of hosting are into charity and their aim is to earn more than what they spend. None would give you more that what you pay for.

सत्यमेव जयते : May Truth Triumph

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