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About Portal Times

The Datacentre & Hosting division of Kavach Networks Pvt Ltd, a 13 years old organization based in the IT city of Bangalore, Portal Times takes pride in offerring to its customers a wonderful internet hosting platform which does not mislead its customers with half truth. Few facts to be noted

  • There are many ISPs who offer unlimited storage.
  • What they do not tell is that there is a limit on the number of files.
  • Each ISP, big or small, have limited resources including storage, not unlimited,.
  • and IF they offer you unlimited, do you think that they are being true?.

They would refer you to some fineprints somewhere in fair usage policy.

The basis of the team PortalTimes is Ethics, Honesty and Transparency. Yes, our customers are valued a lot and we value their trust and no time would we indulge in half truth which potentially misleads.

We are not aiming at the profit from customer but we aim to earn the trust of our customers

Our Mission

PortalTimes has taken up the mission to provide a better viable option for internet hosting in India and across the globe. The mission is to bring the good times of transparent offerrings by ISPs and make sure that the customers are never cheated with misleading offerrings.